Thursday, 30 June 2011

Harlequin Centre Fashion Ad

The Harlequin Centre in Watford, Hertfordshire have a fashion ad campaign every 4 months. I was asked to work on their 10th Anniversary in Febuary and on Tuesday, we did their 'party' season ad. Laura our model who did the last one was with us again, with legs up to her chin and personality and humor as large we were all in for a great days shoot, with the charming and dry humored Chris Warren (photographer) together with Jackie his delightful wife as 'Nigella' in the Kitchen - thanks Jackie!!!
Make up was clean, chic yet fun...with a start off palette based on a bright fuchsia party dress, I used MAC 'NOCTURNELLE' in the socket and MAC 'CRYSTAL' on the lid to create depth and smokiness to the eye yet with definition by adding a slight liner and flick to outer edge of the eye...MAC STROBE cream was added to highlight key areas of the face. Lips were by Emani Minerals 'NAME DROPPER' and delighted Laura as she oooed and ahhhed at its scent..described as ''edible!'' Amazing staying power yet not heavy and certainly doesn't split - one of my current favorite brands.
The base was by The Green People in 'HONEY' their sensational foundation compact powder, essential to anyone's makeup bag! Easy to use, and creates a flawless base, a Make up Artists delight!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Amy Brandon Takes the Reigns for my 2 day Basic Hair Master Class with Adriana

Amy Brandon, Make up & Hair artist extraordinaire, who I am very proud to have on our team, took on board my philosophy with how I pass on the skills of both make up and hair to other inspiring artists.
Yesterday and today was the turn of Adriana, who is the most delightful lady I have met in a long while, to take one of the M.A.C.H Master Classes. 100 % dedicated to her art, she attended one of my assessment days a couple of moths ago, and decided her hair skills were lacking and she was in need of some ONE TO ONE TUITION, which my Master Classes offer. We are exclusively yours for the duration of either a day or a maximum of 4 days...and blow drying does not last a whole day or even half a day!!

Adriana took the 2 day Basic Hair class, which allowed her to really work on all the basics in prepping hair and their importance, sectioning, blow drying, curling, pining, basic styling on day 1, right through to the 2nd day of 'beached' look, full head of pin curls, tousled curls, sleek curls, waves, bouffant, 1950's, half up half down, side chignon, catwalk afro/back comb, right back to a sleek head of hair.

The process is very fluid and allowed Adriana to move from one style to the next to the next with ease and confidence. The basics are now formed, the foundation is there for her to feel confident now to go forth and shine even more than she does already.

Very proud!

With special thanks to Amy Brandon - who is my right and left arm and in some cases my brain too when mine's taking 'time out' !