Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Upon arrival to my home, everyone will be introduced as we have refreshments in the garden followed by an introduction into the glamour that was the 1940’s & 50’s, which has been making a return to the scenes over the past few years – thank goodness! We all need to feel special and the ladies of this period certainly knew how to dress and present themselves including having impeccable makeup and hair – which is the main subject for today – as well as the all important CUP CAKE!!
I have created the master classes, especially for the Summer months as these can be used for either your own use or for those of you who are working makeup artists, and wish to perfect the look on your clients – it is also open to everyone else who just loves this era, and wishes to dress for the occasion also, even bringing along your parasol – for the sunshine not the rain!
Here at Hill House is my studio, which will be your home for the afternoon; an ambiance of music from this period will also set the scene. The various styles of eye makeup will be the highlight, as they concentrated the makeup here, with the liners, the shading, contouring and of course the all important lashes! We will re create the look of many of our all time heroine’s – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn & Lauren Bacall to name a handful, and including today’s stars such as Katy Perry, Duffy & Dita Von Tesse’s distinctive looks which I get asked a lot to teach people the best and easiest way to apply the all important eyeliner flick! Well today you will all become masters of this and be able to vary what you learn with all manner of colours and shades.

We will as well look at how to create the ‘dreamy dewy’ look, which was also in fashion in the 50’s, and is certainly a favorite of many of our stars today from the stage and screen. Many of my music clients love this look, both for the red carpet events, and also for private parties or shoots. It is very versatile, and can be one of the most flattering looks for all skin types and face shapes if applied correctly.
After transforming into dazzling ladies that do high tea, we will all do just that, weather permitting, in the garden – where sandwiches, cakes and tea will be served with the vintage theme running through…
The day begins at Noon and ends when everyone has eaten the last cup cake!
I will be on hand all day for questions and requests, and you are very welcome to wear anything ‘vintage’ this will only add to the feel of the day… but is not at all compulsory. Bookings are being taken now, and are limited to 8 places per Sunday.
Looking forward to seeing you all on one of the days…..Claire
Dates available now
Email for places and more information.
Places limited to 8 people
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